Building Confidence through youth athletics

Zamela is a 501(C)3 charity with the explicit mission to promote the balanced development of in-need and/or minority youth athletics. By providing sponsorships for training/equipment, mentorships and/or financial support, the Zamela charity is Building Confidence through Youth Athletics.

It is the belief of Zamela, its board, and benefactors that participation in Youth Athletics is a core building block to strong academics and all future life endeavors! A recent Zamela poll showed that over 70% of respondents AGREED that active participation in youth athletics helps one to excel academically - Zamela is making Youth Athletics accessible to all!!

How to access to Zamela Charity Funds

Do you know a youth pursuing their athletic passion but limited by financial aid?

The Foundation targets and sponsors youth athletes and/or youth athletic programs that either directly apply for support or have been recommended by coaches, parents, teammates, teachers, booster clubs and/or fans.

Zamela Charity Sponsorship will include Education/equipment sponsorships, Mentorship programs and/or financial support.